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REACHING 94 Million Homes

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GOLF LIFE has reached millions of golfers each year since 1999

  • Golf Life provides our partners a TV platform on leading sports channels in major markets.  Our partners have been with us for years because they gain custom video features, engagment and the ability to reach a wider audience than social only efforts.
  • Frequency works on TV. You gain impressions, raising awareness and supporting other media efforts. 
  • We offer a few partners the chance to consistently reach golfers.
  • Each month Golf Life airs over 300 times in evenings and on weekends.
  • Your consistent partnership aligns your brand with quality storytelling.
  • Viewers consistently see your brand message in our fast paced half hour episodes.
  • Brand and product messages are in-program, gaining viewer retention.
  • Present to golfers, engage with golfers and build loyalty with a golf audience who will seek out your products
  • You gain videos your brand can share on social, email and your web platform


We have a limited number of partners who benefit from our TV reach

Here are the benefits of a partnership

  • We integrate your brand through TV and online content
  • Your Brand Story is shared in each episode.
  • Annual partners will reach over 8MM viewers with GL
  • Includes Brand Message and Call to Action in Program
  • Golf Life Videos can be used in your Social Media / Email
  • Regular Inclusion in Golf Life weekly VideoMail
  • Consistent social posts on Golf Life Social Media
  • Consistent posts and branding to audience

Our consistent audience enjoys quality golf stories on TV, Online and Mobile.


Reach Golf Life Viewers and

Grow Your Online Audience

 2021 is our 22nd season of Golf Life, a storytelling video platform on national TV, Social, Email and on Our difference? We create compelling video content shared with frequency using extensive reach, consistent premium TV airings and online content sharing on many platforms to a targeted golf audience

We Produce High-Quality Video Features so you can tell your brand and product story

    • Features run over 300 times on TV in one month across 94MM US Sports Households
    • Our viewers pay extra for sports channels. Reach our High Value Golf Audience
      • Online Followers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram watch our videos
    • The Golf Life Audience visits and opens our Weekly E-Newsletter
    • High Quality Video Storytelling Engages.  It’s evergreen, used in multiple applications
    • Our video sharing to Social Media helps you grow and capture your own Audience

Golf Life helps you put video content to work for your brand across TV | Online | Mobile

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