The year was 1945 when two Puetz brothers from Seattle, WA opened a driving range in the northwest to provide golfers with a place to hit golf balls and to sell them discounted golf clubs. Their philosophy was to present high quality products in golf and to give the best customer service and expertise. Today, Puetz Golf Shop is the exact same. They provide the ability to hit golf balls on their range, sell golf equipment while representing the best customer service available.

Puetz Golf shop and their online superstore offers all the best equipment you would find a local golf retail store. They carry all of the top manufacturers in the golf industry and have developed relationships with all the manufacturers to give you the best prices available. The folks around the Seattle area and around the US continue to shop at Puetz Golf Shop for many reasons but the two leaders are customer service and selection. Their top notch customer services started in 1945 and has not changed and will not change anytime soon. They consider everyone who walks in the door to be family, so they treat you like family. Each employee are experts in the golf merchandise bubble and can help you in many different ways. Need a re-grip? Puetz Golf Shop has you covered. Need a new set of irons? Puetz Golf Shop can handle the fitting and custom orders right on location. From start to finish, you will feel like you’re at home without any stress at the Golf Shop.

But what makes Puetz Golf Shop so unique is that they have a full outdoor driving range in the back. This becomes super convenient when you are testing clubs. Simply pick the clubs you want to try out and go hit them. If you like them, take them home with you. If you just need somewhere to hit golf balls and don’t need to shop, swing on by the Shop and hit golf balls. Puetz is celebrating their 73rd year on being in business. You don’t stay in business for 73 years unless you are doing something right. Check out the video above to learn more about this iconic golf shop in Seattle, WA. To check out their online superstore:

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